Invasive Medical Device Study

Is your child aged between 4—12 years?

Have they had an invasive medical device for at least 3 months?

 Central line or portacath?
 Gastrostomy (PEG)?
 Tracheostomy?
 Dialysis catheter?

If so, you may be able to help!!

The University of Leicester is carrying out a study to understand what living with an  invasive medical device is like for children, and their families, and how the risk of device
infection is managed.

We are looking for families to help us understand this better by taking part in interviews and observation.
If you would like more information about the project, then please call Dr Carmen Soto on 0116 258 5431, or e-mail on

Below are some PDFs with further details and information.

Study Advert

Parent PILS Advert

Parent Consent Advert

Parent Letter Sheff

Child PILS Advert 1

Child PILS Advert 2

Child Consent Advert

Information Letter 1

Information Letter 2