Charitable Trusts

If you are involved with a Charitable Trust…

We would love to hear from you!

Breathe On UK have benefited from the  generosity of many Charitable Trusts and Foundations, who have supported our work since 2004.

There are a number of ways in which your Trust can help us to continue our support of families across the UK, including  training initiatives, supply of equipment and funding for short breaks.

A short break may be only a dream for some families… your company can help to make those dreams come true by sponsoring short breaks

Just a short mid-week break in the UK, for one of our a families, can cost up to £2,000 because of the medical support needed. For many of our families, this means never having had a family holiday.

Thank you Breathe On UKThank you for making us feel normal” – a sibling, on one of our Centre Parcs holidays.

…the first time we have ever been ale to go away as a family. I cannot thank you enough” parent of an LTV child.

a weekend break for parents alone.

Weekend family break, with full care for the ventilated child at home.

DREAMLAND – £5,000
a one week family holiday in the UK, with child on full care LTV, inclusive of the care team, transfers, and holiday accommodation.