William was the inspiration and catalyst for the foundation of Breathe On.  Without his presence in our lives, the last seventeen years would not have been possible, and without his fortitude and determination, Breathe On would not have become the national influence we are proud to claim.  William’s mother, Victoria, has been indefatigable in her efforts to ensure that other families who have children dependent upon technology to breathe do not have to face the challenges unsupported, as she did.

It is with grief that we have to report William’s death, but we are determined that Breathe On will live on and develop and grow as he was never able to do.  It is his legacy.

William with his grandfather, Christopher Seagrim:

Holding William's hand

William with his mother, Victoria Townsend:

Victoria with William

William with his father, Tim Townsend:

Tim with William



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