Dragon Mobility

The driving philosophy behind the design of the SnapDragon, DragonFly and Dragon is to make a range of powerchairs that reacts and feels like an extension of the user’s body and personality rather than a machine that is between the user and the world.

Dragon Mobility - See the person - not the chair

Hence our unique controller can be set to torque (power) mode to give you intuitive movement and more direct experience of and contact with the environment. It is programmable to suit your environment and abilities. It allows you to move in all three dimensions at the same time – you don’t have to stop to go higher or lower. You also have full speed at your disposal at all times – regardless of height.Elevation from ground level allows you to face many different situations life puts us in – from sitting on the floor to talking eye-to-eye with standing friends.

To complete the package we offer you a fully custom-made seat as standard – to give comfort and to care for physiotherapeutic, functional and social needs. Our own seating is based on sound therapeutic principles, but is also minimalist, to emphasise and present you, not envelop you in an armchair. But other seating systems can be attached if there is a particular tried and tested system that works for you.