Breathe On UK would like to thank the following:

The Grocers’ Charity

Our grateful thanks to The Grocers Charity, for their most kind donation to our work, allowing us to extend our profile to reach as many families in the UK as possible.

Our “unsung heroes”

We would like to use this public platform to say a HUGE thank you to all of those generous individuals who have supported us for so many years and continue to ‘dig deep’ even in these difficult times. Without your support, Breathe On UK would not be the charity that it is today. You are truly our “unsung heroes” and we cannot thank you enough.

Additionally, an especial thank you is due to all who donated so generously in memory of Mr. Christopher Seagrim, who sadly died in September, 2017.  (see our Home Page)

The James Tudor Foundation

We are deeply indebted to the James Tudor Foundation for their support, which has allowed us to purchase capnograph machines for use in training.

St James’ Place Foundation

St James’ Place Foundation has repeatedly supported our work. Thank you!

Blackmore Vale Lions

The Blackmore Vale Lions have been incredibly supportive of Breathe On UK’s endeavours for many years. Thank you..

Personal Vote of Thanks from the Founder

Breathe On Uk would like to offer a message of thanks to all the individuals who have worked tirelessly for the cause and for their continued support. They are too numerous to mention individually, but each knows how greatly their support is valued.

Particular mention must be made of Mr. T.P. Townsend (Co Founder) and all the staff & trustees, especially:

  • Karen Rose (Utility Manager) – helping the charity to greatly reduce their administration costs by enlisting Utility Warehouse
  • Simon Legg (REACH Accountant) – for hours of book-keeping (and patience)
  • Dr Claus Newman (Chairman from 2004-09) whose inspiration is now becoming a reality
  • Dr Martin Samuels, MD FRCPCH Consultant Paediatrician – our Medical Advisor, for many hours’ travelling, reviewing, reporting and advising

The BBC Points West Team and in particular Matthew Hill (Health Correspondent) and Maggie Matthews.